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„Ring Of Fire” Heat Dome Stalls Over 76 Million Americans In Eastern Half Of Country

„Ring Of Fire” Heat Dome Stalls Over 76 Million Americans In Eastern Half Of Country

„Heat Dome” has become the new „Polar Vortex” buzzword in weather reporting.

This week, a massive ridge of high pressure stalled over the eastern half of the US, roasting tens of millions of Americans with scorching hot temperatures in Chicago, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston. 

„Record-breaking heat is forecast to expand from the Midwest and Great Lakes to the Northeast this week, potentially lingering through early next week,” the National Weather Service (NWS) wrote in an update. 

„The duration of this heat wave is notable and potentially the longest experienced in decades for some locations,” the NWS continued.

According to Fox News Weather, NWS data shows severe 'heat alerts’ cover an estimated 72 million people through Saturday. 

NWS said the heat will shift eastward from the Ohio River Valley to the Northeast United States through the week. Some areas could experience daytime highs in the low trip digits, with nighttime lows only dipping into the mid-70s. 

Private weather forecaster BAMWX called the heat dome the „ring of fire pattern,” indicating, „More days of extreme heat will build throughout the week.” 

„If you’re located across the Ohio Valley to the Northeast, you can expect high temps in the mid to upper 90s…not including even more elevated „feels like” temps in these same areas as well,” BAMWX’s Kirk Hinz wrote on X. 

Weather forecaster Judah Cohen pointed out that while the eastern half of the US experiences a heat dome, the western half is experiencing much cooler weather. 

Meteorologist Ryan Maue also pointed this out. 

Maue noted that leftist corporate media outlets, such as CNN, are drumming up 'climate change’ as the source of heat dome. As we said nearly one week ago, the heat dome will „usher in a surge of climate doom headlines.”

The tropics have been activated. 

Welcome to summer. But in the minds of those who have adopted climate change and woke leftist ideals and beliefs as their region, any temperature increase is blamed on cow farts and petrol engines.

Are these folks (Greta & her army of GenZers) aware their climate gods fly around on private jets and sail the oceans in diesel-powered mega-yachts?

Tyler Durden
Wed, 06/19/2024 – 06:55



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