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TikTok Bans Women’s Rights Ads For Being „Offensive”

TikTok Bans Women’s Rights Ads For Being „Offensive”

Authored by Steve Watson via Modernity.news,

A clothing brand that stands for women’s rights in sports has had its ads permanently banned from TikTok with the platform stating that the content “may be offensive.”

XX-XY Athletics, which specifically advocates for biological females only in women’s sports and single sex spaces for female athletes, has had all its content removed.

Owner of the company Jennifer Sey shared the notification TikTok sent her, which states “your account has been permanently suspended because it does not comply with our advertising policies.”

One of the ads features women and girls urging parents, athletes, and others to object to trans identifying males being allowed in women’s sports.

That simply won’t do because it goes against THE MESSAGE.

The brand, launched earlier this year, has been represented by former collegiate swimmer Riley Gaines, and former University of Pennsylvania swimmer Paula Scanlan, who have both committed to the cause of protecting women’s rights in sports under Title IX.

The brand’s website states. “We are here to protect women’s sports and spaces,” adding “It is simply undeniable that sex matters, especially in sport. It is the single biggest determinant of athletic performance.”

It continues, “Men and women are different. It’s just a fact. Men have XY chromosomes and more testosterone which makes them stronger and faster.”

Some of the designs the company sells feature slogans including “Team Women,” “Save Women’s Sports,” and “Born Brave.”

Imagine being a little girl just discovering the passion, dedication and hard work that sports embodies and then being told that it’s “offensive” if women want to express pride in that.

As we recently highlighted, Riley Gaines shared a celebratory post on social media after trans-identifying biological male swimmer Lia Thomas lost a legal challenge to compete in women’s Olympic swimming events.

Gaines noted that “He has just lost his legal battle in Court of Arbitration for Sport ruling,” adding that it is “a victory for women and girls everywhere.”

Gaines has made it her mission to stand up for women’s rights in sports following her experience in 2022 of being forced to share a locker room with Thomas, who at the time still had full male genitalia, and to compete against him.

Back in March, sixteen female athletes including Gaines filed a lawsuit against the NCAA pertaining to the continued participation of transgender competitors in their respective sports in the US.

The suit charges that the NCAA has made a “radical departure from Title IX’s original meaning,” and is guilty of sex-based discrimination.

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